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Heat Transfer Vinyl Pricing Guide

When I was trying to enter the t-shirt industry on thing i could never find the answer to is how to price orders for customers. I could always get pricing from other companies and charge what they charge, but I never knew how that price was formulated. Which left me unconfident when it came time to talk to customers.

The Heat Transfer Vinyl Pricing Guide breaks down pricing to the core. So once you finished this guide you will completely understand a method on how to price your products and speak to your customers with confidence.

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Meet The Coach

Stan Banks

the owner and serial entrepreneur behind T-Shirt Side Hustle began helping people start their t-shirt business from home in 2017. After starting multiple hustles growing up he found his place in 2011 where he pursued apparel decoration full time. Having never worked a full time job, in 2016 he obtained a security job for $10 an hour with the sole purpose of securing health
insurance. This is where he realized that this was not a sustainable income for anyone to provide for themselves or a family. This is where he decided he wanted to provide a valuable option for anyone who felt the same. On January 3, 2017, he set out to teach people what allowed him to survive for the past 6 years and T-Shirt Side Hustle was born.