Screen Print Retail Price Sheet

(Includes: PDF document and Editable Word Document)

When it comes to the business side of things sometimes we just want the answers on what to charge. While i don' t believe the answer is the most important part of pricing. As requested my screen print retail price sheet is available. My retail price sheet is used for "walk up" customers. I consider walk-up customers ones who aren't apart of a larger entity which would cause me to go through a bidding process like a school or customers not intending to resale products like a clothingline. Repeat retail customers can be moved over to the wholesale price sheet.

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Meet The Coach

Stan Banks

the owner and serial entrepreneur behind T-Shirt Side Hustle began helping people start their t-shirt business from home in 2017. After starting multiple hustles growing up he found his place in 2011 where he pursued apparel decoration full time. Having never worked a full time job, in 2016 he obtained a security job for $10 an hour with the sole purpose of securing health
insurance. This is where he realized that this was not a sustainable income for anyone to provide for themselves or a family. This is where he decided he wanted to provide a valuable option for anyone who felt the same. On January 3, 2017, he set out to teach people what allowed him to survive for the past 6 years and T-Shirt Side Hustle was born.