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1-on-1 Coaching/Consulting (Individual)

Having someone be able to help you set an agenda and outline for developing your t-shirt business, improving your marketing or setting up your digital presence, can greatly accelerate your success and reduce frustration. The difference between success and failure is rarely a lack of ability or even effort, but a lack of clear objectives and the practical means to reach them. Being held accountable, and having additional guidance, technical expertise or even just and outside perspective, can make a measurable difference.

How It Works

  • Purchase Office Hours ( include your number wen checking out)
  • You will be contacted via text to schedule a call time (email if number is unavailable)
  • Hours can be Scheduled for Calls via Phone, FaceTime, Instagram, and/or Skype.
  • Also in text conversation I will have you briefly describe your issue, question, or purpose so I can be fully prepared to get you the right solution

Office Hours Topics Include (But Are Not Limited Too)

  • Brand Audit of Social Media Accounts, Website and YouTube Channel
  • Technical Advice and Technical Support
  • Customized Training Sessions
  • Equipment and Software Recommendations
  • SWAT Analysis and Customized Action Plans
  • Budget Analysis (How You Should Invest Your Money)
  • Adding Additional Stream of Income