Video Request Page

I can't promise that i will get to every video that is requested but check the list and if your topic is not here post it. This is where I will pull video Ideas from when i need an idea.

Thanks Stan


  • Josh Cannon

    Hey Stan, I was wondering if you can make a video or already have a video on just the absolute beginning of creating a t shirt company, what transfers, or non transfers, if you need a shipping label printing. Just as some examples. Iā€™m trying to create a new brand but have no idea where to start and what is a good deal or bad deal for starting up.


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  • Baked Beanz Apparel

    Could you do a video comparing the following HTV: WalaKut, B-Flex, Siser

  • Kym

    Hello I just found your videos and love them. Do you have a video for someone that wants to start a tshirt business but is not a designer

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