Video Request Page

I can't promise that i will get to every video that is requested but check the list and if your topic is not here post it. This is where I will pull video Ideas from when i need an idea.

Thanks Stan


  • jeremy tyte

    I would like to see you n do videos on selling with etsy and properly setting up your social media accounts like insta and facebook.

  • David

    I dont know what to start with, vinyl cutting, screen printing or transfer paper/printer, a video listing the pros and cons, equipment needed and initial investment of each all in the same would be great for beginners and make it 10x easier choosing a path to start with

  • Jerry Taylor

    Whats up Stan? I know u been working with Supacolor, so wondering if you could do a video on how to make sure every logo or design that u send to Supacolor or any other transfer company is ready to go for them to print. I guess they have to be vectored ot what not, im still not sure myself. Lol Thanks boss

  • Carolyn

    Starting YouTube channel or posting videos. Equipment needed. Editing. How to post.

  • Tamara Fitzgerald

    Hey cutie…..I would like to see a video of-“how to create a logo” with out paying someone else to do it. Thanks in advance!

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