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I can't promise that i will get to every video that is requested but check the list and if your topic is not here post it. This is where I will pull video Ideas from when i need an idea.

Thanks Stan


  • Baked Beanz Apparel

    Could you do a video comparing the following HTV: WalaKut, B-Flex, Siser

  • Kym

    Hello I just found your videos and love them. Do you have a video for someone that wants to start a tshirt business but is not a designer

  • Paul from Lokdsolid

    Hi Stan, love your videos, so helpful and inspiring me on this adventure! I’ve had trouble leaving press marks when trying to press on polyester sports tee’s. I’ve tried different pressures, pillows underneath and using one flex vinyl that only needs a 140 deg c (284f) and 8 seconds press. Any help appreciated, thanks all the way from Scotland!

  • Benjamin Anaya

    hey Stan the man!!! I’m having trouble finding any videos on how to press 100% polyester with the Supacolor transfers. Will it work?

  • Shawn of SMC Kreations


    What’s an example on how you get over designers block to come up with new ideas? Personally, i feel like im stuck.


    Shawn Mc
    SMC Kreations

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