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I can't promise that i will get to every video that is requested but check the list and if your topic is not here post it. This is where I will pull video Ideas from when i need an idea.

Thanks Stan


  • Benjamin Anaya

    hey Stan the man!!! I’m having trouble finding any videos on how to press 100% polyester with the Supacolor transfers. Will it work?

  • Shawn of SMC Kreations


    What’s an example on how you get over designers block to come up with new ideas? Personally, i feel like im stuck.


    Shawn Mc
    SMC Kreations

  • Alfonso

    Hey Stan should I copyright all of my designs that I put on my shirts or just my company logo

  • Nathan Lundstrom

    I am looking to relaunch a niche brand I had a while back using Printful. I used to use them for printing and drop shipping to avoid carrying any inventory. I found that I didn’t get paid much at all using this method. I had attempted screen printing…THAT IS NOT FOR ME!!! I have since moved to HTV and Plastisol transfers and realize that is perfect for me.

    My question is this: How much inventory do you suggest carrying initially on a small brand as far as finished product as well as inventory blank t-shirts and transfers filed and ready to be pressed.

  • DK

    Wassup Stan, Im 18 years old and my mom put me on to your videos. I wanted to see if you could do a video just on how u package each shirt/hoodie or if you got any tips on packaging. I got a clothing line and wanted to see how I could package better.

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