Stan's Suggested Heat Presses

Heat Presses

Siser Red 15x15 Siser Red 15x15 Heat Press I own a Siser Red Press 15x15 which resides in Atlanta with my sister it is a solid starter press buy the leading vinyl manufacturer. It's built and put together allot better then any of the cheaper presses you would buy on amazon and the reason i recommend this over them is because i would rather buy one press that will last me10, 15 years to a life time over purchasing multiple presses in a 5 year span never knowing when the current press will break down.
Siser Red 16x20 Siser Red 16x20 Heat Press

When it comes to presses I've had a bunch of 15x15 presses and they are great really all you need, but at times depending on what your producing a 16x20 press can help you speed up your process. For example if your doing allot of oversized designs. Not needed for a first press, but consider upgrading to one at some point.

The downside is it makes it hard to work with some smaller garments so you will need to get you a set of pillows.

Siser Red 11x15

There are only 2 reason i would consider purchasing a press smaller then 15x15 the first of which is i am in an extreme case of being a mobile printer and every inch and pound counts. in this case this will do the job. A standard print size would be about 12"x12" or 11.5"x11.5" on a craft cutter and in this case you would potentially have to press each garment twice and the time it would take for regular production isn't worth the saving in my opinion

The second is if i could barely could save enough money to get it. I really despise the cheap presses of amazon i considered them as throw always.I purchased and i didn't have much guidance when i started. So if i had to in my opinion it's more important to jump in and get started the money will come in and you can upgrade then you will have a super reliable backup press or you can sell the old one and help someone else get started.


Specialty Heat Presses

Siser Red Cap Press Siser Red Cap Press Once I made my initial investment into the business the 2nd upgrade i would make after a inkjet printer would be a hat/cap press. I can't say enough good things about Siser so if you started with one of there presses it pretty safe to stay with the family and include the red in your brand.