TSH University

1-on-1 Coaching/Consulting (Individual)

Having someone be able to help you set an agenda and outline for developing your t-shirt business, improving your marketing or setting up your digital presence, can greatly accelerate your success and reduce frustration. The difference between success and failure is rarely a lack of ability or even effort, but a lack of clear objectives and the practical means to reach them. Being held accountable, and having additional guidance, technical expertise or even just and outside perspective, can make a measurable difference.

Available Services Provided
  • Scheduled Calls via Phone, FaceTime, and/or Skype
  • Priority Access
  • Brand Audit of Social Media Accounts, Website and YouTube Channel
  • Techncial Advice and Ocassional Technical Support
  • Customized Training Sessions
  • Equipment and Software Recommendations
  • SWOT Analysis and Customized Action Plans


The Hustle Team (THT) Academy Group Mentoring Program [BETA]

When you're just getting started, being part of a group of people who are working just as hard as you are toward their goals, can provide much needed encouragement and accountability. The Hustle Team Academy Group Mentoring Program, provides a hybrid between self education, online course learning and peer learning. This group has exclusive content not provided on my YouTube channel, early access to my paid courses and guides, as well specially crafted assignments focusing on: personal brand development, online business, YouTube channel growth, and email marketing.

Free Training on YouTube

Everyone needs a little helps sometimes when they are just starting out, or even when they have experience but find themselves in unfamiliar territory. I've provided hundreds of online resources, most of them free to help people. Whether you're struggling with software or don't understand a concept or principle, these resources can help provide you with solutions.

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